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Positive Parenting Through Divorce
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I found your course very interesting, useful and most of all easy to follow with down to earth topics. Carlos, Richmond, Texas

 I was very pleased with the content of this course and I feel my whole family can benefit from this.  Thank you for your help,  Michelle, Columbus, Georgia

Just want to thank you for this course. It's been very difficult to find a meaningful and helpful parenting course... and yet yours has been that to a "T". Hopefully the rest of the divorce will be less stressful on all of us because of it (especially our infant daughter). Glen, Clifton, New Jersey

This is a good program. Good in content and good in the fact that I could do it at my leisure. Darryl, Long Island, New York

I went in thinking that this class would be boring. I was surprised how much I enjoyed doing your program.  Carol, Los Angles, California


Dr. Paul Maione’s Positive Parenting Through Divorce helps families to see that life indeed goes on after a divorce and that this next phase can be one of positive growth for parents and children alike. This course presents practical guidance and helpful resources for parents to follow as they navigate through the divorcing process and begin to re-build relationships that support their children’s development and well-being. Ron Chenail, Ph.D., Professor of Family Therapy and Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs Nova Southeastern University

In his workbook, Positive Parenting Through Divorce, Examining the Children's Best Interests, Dr. Maione has complied a series of chapters that are extremely helpful for divorcing parents. The focus is on the children- -providing them with positive parenting during divorce. He discusses how and when to tell the children, along with discussions of the childrens' reactions depending on their developmental stage. He then takes it a step further with a discussion of "superior parenting" emphasizing fostering childrens' long term development. The real strength in this course is that throughout there is a focus on empowerment and
courage- - helping parents and children adjust and grow through what could be personal crises. I would highly recommend this parenting manual to any parent going through a divorce. Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Programs in Marriage and Family Therapy, Hofstra University

Divorce does not have to be the worst thing that has ever happened to your children. Divorce can occur in healthy ways that lead to no long-term effects. The Positive Parenting Through Divorce class is something that I believe has helped countless families deal with this life event in beneficial ways. This program, and it’s instructors are fantastic guides to make something potentially very difficult into something manageable and useful. This class is great, and I recommend it.”
Brian Rosenberg, Ph.D., LMFT 

Positive Parenting Through Divorce is a practical class to assist parents to focus on their children through the rough times of separation and divorce. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, the information is sensible and practical. Parents and helping professionals will find it useful in finding a clear path for guiding children and their families through the emotional jungle of divorce.
AnnaLynn Schooley, Ph.D., LMFT, LMHC Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy, Capella University

This course is filled with such invaluable information and it is offered in a straightforward accessible way. Many of the difficulties divorcing couples experience can be greatly minimized by simply taking this course. It can save you thousands of dollars in child and family therapy. Roxanne Bamond, Ph.D., LMFT Couples' Therapist

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