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Court Approved parenting
class to ensure the well
being and healthy adjustment
of children to divorce.


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Positive Parenting Through Divorce
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  • Parenting Advice

    Your Medical Info is largest Medical Articles website, delivering medical news/articles to readers all over the world.



  • Divorce Lawyer
    The AmeriTrust Law Group strives to fiercely protect the best interests of children while resolving divorce issues quickly and efficiently across the country. AmeriTrust Law Group's legal team includes a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and experienced family law attorneys.


  • First Wives World
    First Wives World is dedicated to supporting its members through the numerous life stages and challenges before them, as well as providing educated ways to set up a new life-plan moving forward. Our hope is to help women realize that with a community of support, there no challenge that is insurmountable and life does go on after divorce.


  • Colorado Divorce and Colorado Mediation Resources
    Even if you're not a Colorado parent, this acclaimed site offers valuable family resources (including the latest divorce research regarding child custody options emphasizing shared parenting approaches, and reviews of helpful divorce and parenting books, videotapes, support groups and online resources).  From Colorado divorce attorneys / family mediators.


  • Divorce Magazine
    We are creating a paradigm shift in the world around the subject of divorce. While recognizing that divorce is challenging for individuals, we empower and enable people to move forward in their lives. We encourage individuals going through separation and divorce, and those serving this market, to make the process humane, civilized, and compassionate.


  • No Courtrooms
    No matter if your divorce is as simple as just needing to have the legal paperwork prepared or if your divorce is high in complexity and/or conflict, you can still KEEP YOUR DIVORCE OUT OF COURT. Common Ground Divorce Specialists have several services that have been tailored to every divorce situation.


  • The Oregon Divorce Blog
    Valuable information for parents going through the divorce process.


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